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10 Apr 2022 6 MIN READ

How to protect corporate data, applications and devices from cyberattacks 

Now each Ukrainian company is in potential danger due to the increase in the scale and number of cyber attacks, the purpose of which is to hinder full-fledged activities, obtain corporate data, publish it in the public domain or demand a ransom.

Protection of sensitive information, as well as secure work with applications and devices are becoming essential to ensure stable operation of the company, increase the productivity of IT specialists, provide employees with access to internal information and organize their work from anywhere in the world.

How to secure your data, apps and devices using Zero Trust concept


Businesses need a new security model that effectively adapts to a hybrid work environment and protects corporate data, applications, and various types of devices on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS platforms from cyber attacks.

The Microsoft security concept is based on the Zero Trust model. Instead of assuming everything behind the corporate firewall is safe, the model teaches: “Never trust, always verify”.

  Security Identity — secure work with corporate data and apps


The majority of security breaches in a company’s IT infrastructure involve the theft of credentials. That is why one of the basic aspects of the Zero Trust system is creation of a strong verification of user identities in order to gain access to the corporate network.

The Security Identity suite of services allows you to manage identities and provide appropriate levels of access to company data and applications.

Setting up multi-factor authentication, resetting passwords without IT involvement, automating threat detection and remediation processes, assigning conditional access policies, and registering applications in the Azure Active Directory cloud service protects against 99% of identity-related cyber attacks.

  Endpoint Management — secure work with company’s endpoints


Another entry point for attackers is any device that connects a user to a company’s corporate network.

Endpoint Management is a solution that allows you to manage, protect and monitor the operation of all company endpoints using a single integrated platform – Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Endpoint Management services provide comprehensive protection for vulnerable elements of the IT infrastructure: mobile devices, desktop computers, virtual machines, servers and other devices running on the following platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS. Services can be implemented on both personal BYOD devices and corporate ones.

Today, building a secure IT infrastructure of the company is the key to stable work for the further restoration and prosperity of the country. Therefore, it is important to activate all available services to protect corporate information, applications and devices that the team works with.

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