IT security assessment test

Take the test and get an independent assessment of your company’s IT security level and recommendations to help strengthen your existing strategy.
This test contains 17 questions and provides only two answers: Yes or No. It usually takes about 10 minutes to pass the test.
Learn how to deploy a robust cybersecurity strategy tailored to your company’s needs.

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      • enable user identity verification
      • enable endpoint protection
      • set up application control
      • use data protection
      • use infrastructure protection
      • enable network protection

      In a security strategy organization for a company of any size in any industry, Microsoft recommends focusing on the Zero Trust security model. It is adapted to the complex modern environment and allows you to protect users, devices, applications, data and infrastructure.

      Our experts are always ready to help analyze existing tools and develop a plan for implementing an IT security strategy using Microsoft solutions, taking into account the capabilities and needs of your company.

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